The Seasons are changing…and so should your skincare!


We’re all starting to get ready for the colder weather and the darker nights and the first thing we think of is our Autumn Wardrobe – getting our cosy jumpers out, coats and knee high boots. Of course this is important, but we mustn’t forget our skin! It is also important to change things in your skincare routine so that you can protect and prime your skin for the colder temperatures.


Why should I rebalance my skincare routine?


Your skin is a living, breathing organ and, like any other organ, it can need help adapting to the elements that surround it. So, when your skin is surrounded by heat and humidity, it doesn’t want heavy moisturisers and oils as they can clog pores and cause inflammation and acne. But, when the we have that colder air outside (and of course all the dry heating indoors) it affects your skin. It’s time to to up the ante when it comes to your skin’s hydration needs!


What should I do?


The following key steps will show you exactly how you can give your skin some extra TLC ready for the upcoming months. Don’t panic – it isn’t too dissimilar from your existing summer skincare routine…it just has a bit more oomph to really nourish your skin!



💫 Cleanse – This should ALWAYS be on your to-do list. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can skip the cleanse and hop into bed – absolutely not!


💫 Moisturise and apply Serums –  Intensive moisturiser as part of your skincare routine is essential. Serums are also important as they support the skin barrier and make it more resistant to colder temperatures and central heating.


💫 Exfoliate – Exposure to the cold outdoor air combined with the dry indoor heat can dry out your skin cells. Therefore, you need to get rid of the dead skin cells more often than you would normally do during the hotter months. Ditch your duller complexion by increasing your exfoliation routine to approximately twice a week.


💫 SPF – Just because the Summer months are over does not mean that SPF is no longer needed! It is vital to wear SPF every day, no matter what season we are in, no matter what the weather is like. Always protect your skin from harmful UV rays with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Winter, spring, summer or Autumn.


We recommend using Alumier MD UK skincare which is medical-grade skincare customised to meet each individual’s needs. Using active, natural ingredients Alumier skincare provides optimal results.


Discuss your skin concerns with us today and we can help you with a routine that is perfect for you.

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