We specialize in lip fillers, at Aurielle Aesthetics we use only the best in dermal fillers, our unique dermal filler range gives you the option to enhance, restore and plump your lips giving you a lushious look and smile. We are advanced trained in lip augmention enabling us to specifically tailor our treatments to meet your needs.

At Aurielle aesthetics we only provide lip enhancement using non permanent, Hyaluronic acid based natural fillers.

Since starting in May last year , Lucy our registered Nurse has carried out over 600 lip enhancement treatments to date.


If this is your first time wanting lip fillers or you have previously had a bad experience with another practitioner,we are confident you have come to the right place. With Lucy being a Registered Nurse with more than 10 years nursing experience, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Our clinics are available throughout the south west in the UK and have varied flexibility from Tuesday to Saturday’s. 

Lip augmentation is primarily designed to restore shape, volume and projection to the lip border and body. The main injection points in lip augmentation are the main body of the lip, the vermilion border, oral commisures, cupids bow and philtrum.

Lip filler prices start from £135 and we use a range of 4 dermal filler brands with a stock of over 20 different types to suit your needs from restylane,juvederm, teoxane. Book a free consultation with us today to discuss your options.