I’ve completed the Lee Walker Academy!

Spending the past 18 months being mentored by Lee Walker at his Academy in Liverpool has been a whirlwind experience.

I have spent this time learning and expanding my knowledge in the following areas; temple, forehead, mid face, periorbital, perioral, chin and jawline, the difference between the male and female face, advanced botox, nose and complications.

 What originally was a 10 month course was extended through lockdown due to COVID and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Why did I choose the Lee Walker Academy?

If you want to give patients the best results, you need be the best and learn from the best, right?

Lee Walker is one of the best aesthetic practitioners in medical aesthetics, hosting seminars and lectures all over the world teaching best practice to everyone, he focuses heavily on research based practice.

Being a research nurse previously, I understand the importance of evidence based practice and following the research and evidence to ensure you are given the best possible treatments.

 What have I learnt ?

I have learnt the in depth facial anatomy as well as the importance of the consultation process and patient selection. 

I have learnt how to inject every area of the face in the best possible way to ensure the best possible outcome.

Safety is always priority and by learning Lee Walker’s techniques, this has shown me how to do so with the lowest possible risk as well as showing me how to manage all aspects of complications if they are to arise.

What have I changed in clinic?

My consultations are longer, I have found that a full facial approach is key to a good consultation and as part of my consultations the full face will always be considered when discussing any treatments you may wish to have.


Safety has always been my number 1 priority. I am registered with SaveFace UK and have also added extra safety measures and protocols to refer patients direct to hospital if any complications arise that I am unable to take care of in clinic.

It is so important to me to follow up with my clients and check that you are happy. Reviews can be requested at any stage by patients,  however as good practice  all mid-face treatments, temple and tear trough will have a follow up review included with their treatments.

Going forward…

In November I will be going on Lee Walker’s 2 Day Cadaver Course where I go even deeper in skin anatomy, with an up-close view on all layers and structures within the skin.

This will give me knowledge on Facial Anatomy & Complications and will allow me to dissect & inject areas within the face even further.

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