Botox in your Twenties

Botox in your 20s, YES!!!! It’s definitely the best time to start.Botox is approved for anyone aged 18 years or older, and although there really is no specific age to start-you might be early mid or late 20s when you start to notice the lines stick around.You may also start to notice that your make up settles in these lines,if your noticing this then that’s the time to start Botox.If you wait too long those lines will get deep, and as well as Botox you may also need dermal filler to smooth out the lines.Getting Botox earlier rather than later trains your muscles not to work as hard, thus preventing the wrinkles from forming, you will also require less and will need it less often.Ultimately If your an eyebrow raiser, smiler or frowner then Botox is for you.

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