9 Lip Filler Myths Busted

❌Myth 1

A foreign substance is being injected into my lips

This is not the case, as long as your medical practitioner uses brands containing Hyaluronic Acid. A natural substance found in our bodies, this simply reintroduces it into our bodies. This stimulates our natural HA to work hard in providing a fuller, plumper look.

❌Myth 2

I cant wait to show of my new pout tomorrow !

Highly unlikely, most lip swelling happens immediately and continues into the next day. Swelling usually resolves within 2 days although this can last for up to 2 weeks.

❌Myth 3

Only people with thin lips get fillers

The most common use for lip fillers is to plump out thinner lips, but they do so much more, fillers can also contour,hydrate dry lips,define a cupids bow and add symmetry.

❌Myth 4

All lip fillers look the same and unnatural

Not if you choose a well trained injector – The British Society of Aesthetics recommends Nurses,Doctors and Dentists .These medical professionals have had years of experience with injecting patients.

❌Myth 5

I’m too young/old for fillers

Fillers are known for their anti-ageing qualities. The hyaluronic acid triggers collagen in the skin to rejuvenate the chosen areas. You can have fillers at any age over 18 years.

❌Myth 6

My lips will feel strange afterwards

Another popular lip filler myth,apart from the swelling after your treatment your lips will feel back to normal usually within 2 weeks.

❌Myth 7

When the filler wears off will my lips be even smaller than before

You can stop having lip fillers completely without any side effects, your lips will return to their natural size.

❌Myth 8

Lip fillers are irreversible

As long as you have hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, the effects will not be permanent. Your body naturally breaks down the filler over time, if you are unhappy with your results there is always the possibility to instantly dissolve the filler using a substance called Hyalase.

❌Myth 9

With the right injector it doesn’t matter what fillers they use

This is not the case,there are a range of fillers out there and some may use the cheapest, always ask what products are being injected into your lips, we recommend Restylane and Juvederm.

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